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Creators: Laura Bohlander & Matthijs Vreeman

Prezi Presentation Tool


The main goal of this design tool is to provide designers with a more interesting and exciting presentation tool than Microsoft Powerpoint. With Prezi it is much easier for your audience to see the greater view and to keep the attention of your listeners by zooming and sliding over one big map. 

What is Prezi?

Prezi is an online - flash based - presentation tool. The main difference with Microsoft Powerpoint is that is does not use individual slides, but one map with the complete presentation content on it (non-linear). By making use of zooming and sliding over the complete map, the focus will change over a preset path, which results in a dynamic presentation.

In addition, the presentations will be stored online, in the showcase. People can see your presentations, and the other way around; you can see a lot of examples. With an 'enjoy' account it is also possible to use Prezi offline (free for students). 

How does Prezi work?

To create a presentation with Prezi, you will first have to sign up.

Fig.1: My Prezi account

There is a free upgrade available for students and teachers.

1. Creating a presentation

After logging in, the 'my account' screen appears with the 'create new Prezi' button (figure 1). After clicking on this button, a lay-out for the canvas (workspace) can be chosen (figure 2.)

Fig.2: Select a lay-out

2. Managing the presentation

The presentation can be managed on the screen as shown in figure 3. Here you can open the presentation to edit and/or view it and choose whether the presentation should be private or public. In this screen presentations could also be deleted or downloaded for offline viewing. 

3. Editing the presentation

Images, videos, flash files, shapes and text could easily be added to the presentation by using the buttons on the top left. You can also create frames, edit the lay-out, define a storyline and switch to the viewing mode with these buttons. 

Fig.3: Manage the presentation

4. Editing objects

The canvas is your workspace where text, images and video can be added and dragged to the preferred place on the canvas. Objects can be moved, resized and rotated by using the  'zebra', as shown in figure 5.

5. Adding a storyline

The user could freely view the presentation, but often it is preferred to make use of a preset path when presenting. This path, or storyline, could very easily be defined by clicking on the objects on the canvas in the order you would like to present them. Such a storyline can be seen in figure 6.

Fig.4: Edit the presentation

6. Viewing the presentation 

Use the 'show' button to view the presentation, you could choose between manually clicking through the presentation or automatically.  

An example of a presentation can be found here

Fig.5: Using the 'zebra' to edit an object

Fig.6: Path defenition

What are the advantages & disadvantages of Prezi?


  • Easy to use interface
    • very intuitive
  • Student license available
    • Free enjoy plan account (subscribe with your TUDelft email address)
    • 500 Mb online storage space
    • Present offline
      • No file size limit
      • Work on your presentation without internet access
      • Uploading to still possible
    • Make content private, published or shared with selected individuals
    • Prezi watermark removed
  • Showcase
    • Watch and learn from presentations of other Prezi users
    • Lot of online help videos [1]
    • Send your presentation to non-Prezi users
  • Non-linear presentations
    • More engaging presentations/brainstorm sessions
    • More interesting presentations/brainstorm sessions
    • Less boring
    • Zooming in and out of a map rather than moving between slides
    • Presentations, brainstorm sessions and the user interface are looking good
    • Good overview of the complete presentation


  • A lot of turning and zooming during the presentations; could cause dizziness
  • Flash file
    • Relative bigger file sizes compared to Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Relative slower in comparison with Microsoft Powerpoint when in online mode
    • Need for an application that reads flash files in order to view the presentation offline


Prezi is a new way of presenting that gets rid of the old fashion boring individual sheets. Instead, Prezi uses a map on which to focus on, by making use of a specific preset path. It is very easy to use and presentations will be far more convincing than ever before. Students get a free 'enjoy' account and with these more possibilities they can profit of Prezi in many ways. 

In conclusion, Prezi is an ideal presentation tool for designers.

If you want to learn more about alternatives for Prezi, you can have a look at more presentation tools [2]

Also remember that not only the tool you use for the presentation is important, but also the preparation of the story you will be telling. Valuable tips on how to present are available online [3]


1. Lesson 1: Learning Prezi in 3 minutes, Lesson 2: Grouping and Layering, Lesson 3Presenting and Publising, Manual: Help Overview [1]

2.  More presentation tools

3.  Tips on how to present

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