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A brand is the basis for identification and differentiation of a company, product or service. The brand communicates the brand promise to the user and is present in all Brand touch points. The process of building and communicating this brand is called branding.

The brand forms the relationship between the organization and the user and between marketing and innovation. Using the brand as a strategic guide for innovation is called brand-driven innovation.[1]

Aspects of a brand

Important aspects of a brand are:[2]

  • Brand image: how the brand is perceived by the external world
  • Brand identity: how the strategists want the brand to be perceived
  • Brand position: the part of the brand identity and value proposition that is actively communicated

Benefits of a strong brand

Internal benefits of a strong brand are:

  • Company actions and decisions are guided by a vision
  • Company behaviour is more coherent
  • More focus and direction for future innovations
  • Positive effect on employees and team work

External benefits of a strong brand are:

  • The brand vision and promise is communicated to the user
  • Creates differentiation and guides purchase decisions
  • A strong basis for customer trust and loyalty

Evolution of the role of the brand

There has been a shift in the role that brands play in companies and the lifes of people. This shift is described in Figure 1. A timeline that expresses the evolution of the role of brands in society is shown in Figure 2.

Branding traditional vs new use.png

Figure 1. The shift in the use of brands[3]

Branding history.png

Figure 2. Brand evolution timeline[4]


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